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Pittsburgh, PA


Hi! I'm Jess Bryan, a Registered Dietitian Nutrition Coach who educates and empowers women to Reach Well through simplifying nutrition and weight loss.


First things first, I've been where you are.

My struggle with body image started when I was young. I can remember buying a "twin day" outfit with my best friend and I was the bigger size, I was so AWARE of being bigger and not liking it even though I was in elementary school. Throughout school I always felt like the "big friend", although of course looking back I was normal! When I went to college I started to gain weight and had no idea how to successfully lose it or maintain a healthy balance in life. This continued on as I moved to a new state with my then boyfriend, now husband. Sooner or later I was telling everyone that I weighed one thing when I really weighed 40 lbs more than that without really realizing it. I went through years of trying the "popular" diets only to fail time after time after time. I joined every 'challenge' and failed those too.


It was my mindset and my approach.

I was trying everything and nothing all at the same time. I "knew" what to do from years of education but couldn't get anything to stick so that I would lose more than 5 lbs. I had weight to lose, but it wasn't coming off. I didn't know how to make this a life long thing.

I did it and you can too!

My coaching program is for you if...

-You don't understand why you're working so hard and seeing no results.

-You feel like you're missing the willpower.

-You're ready to eat the food you love without the fear of gaining weight.

-You're overwhelemed by the "diets" out there.

-You're ready to see your hard work pay off, finally.

-You're sick of feeling uncomfortable in your clothes.

-You're truly ready to transform your body, mind and life.